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Appointment Policies

Late Policy: We make every attempt to see you at your scheduled appointment time. To ensure that we run on time, we ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled appointment time. If you are running more than 5 minutes late (20 minutes after arrival time) we may need to re-schedule your appointment and you will be charged a $25 late fee. If your provider agrees to see you late, you will be handled as a “walk-in” appointment and will be seen when the schedule allows so that other patients are not seen late. A phone call when running late is also appreciated.

NO- SHOW/Cancelation Policy: A no-show fee of $50 per child will be billed to you if you do not give more than 24 hour notice. We sincerely appreciate your understanding and allowing us to care for your children.

Appointment Reminders: An appointment reminder and confirmation of appointment text will be made three business days in advance as a courtesy only; it is the patient’s or legal guardian’s responsibility to remember the appointment date and time. If you will be 5 or more minutes late for your appointment, please call as it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment. Scheduled appointments are for one child only. Do not assume a sibling can be seen at the same time; however if the schedule permits we are happy to accommodate a sibling appointment.

TeleVisits and Phone Consultations

We offer phone consultations for medical advice during the business day. The physician will determine if the consultation can be handled over the phone (for example questions regarding sleep patterns, behavior, etc) or if the patient needs to be seen in the clinic or if a TeleVisit needs to be scheduled with a provider.

Health Forms

There is a $10 administrative fee for all FORM completions. There will be no charge if the forms are brought in at the time of your child’s appointment.

Financial Policy

For our insured patients it is our pleasure to file your claims for you with copays and balances due at the time of service. For patients without insurance, payment is due at the time of service for both sick and well visits. After 90 days, outstanding balances will be referred to a collection process. Contact the office for any problems with your account. Should your insurance company deny payment for services performed, it is the insured’s responsibility to pursue the issue. Billed services not covered by the insurance are the insured responsibility, including vaccine charges. If correct insurance information is not provided in a timely manner and causes a delay in insurance processing, the patient will be responsible for satisfying the charges. We currently do not accept MEDICAID.

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