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Oak Cliff Pediatrics follows the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding the regularity of well-visits. During your child’s regular well-visits, we will answer any questions you have regarding development, behavior, eating, and sleep. Each visit we will also track growth and development and administer appropriate vaccines to help your child avoid vaccine preventable illnesses.


Oak Cliff Pediatrics offers the recommended vaccine schedule from the Center for Disease Control. This schedule is also approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics.Please let your provider know if you have any questions or concerns or questions regarding vaccines or vaccination schedule.

Woman breastfeeding

Lactation Support

Oak Cliff Pediatrics is delighted to have an ALPP Certified Lactation Counselor on staff. She brings the knowledge to our practice to help you at any stage of breastfeeding. She can provide counseling to families thinking about breastfeeding and support you as you feed your baby and encounter problems, questions, or concerns. We want you to be a success however you chose to feed your baby.


Oak Cliff Pediatrics offers CLIA waived labs including routine urinalysis; screening for infectious diseases such as RSV, Strep, flu, covid; screening tests for hemoglobin and lead. We are able to draw blood for send out labs to local laboratories when needed.

Newborn Visits

Our providers currently do not come to the hospital to see your baby but are ready to take over care after discharge. We can see your newborn in the office a day after discharge if needed. The provider in the hospital will tell you when to follow up with your pediatrician. Most newborn visits occur on the newborn’s third day of life.

ADHD management and referrals

Oak Cliff Pediatrics is here to help you navigate the process of helping children who are struggling in school or with behavior.  We can help diagnose, treat and manage many types of ADHD, and can help guide the referral process when needed. We enjoy partnering with families to help them advocate for their child in the school system to help all of our patients be successful students. Click here for school forms.

Asthma diagnosis and management

Asthma is a common childhood illness and our providers are well trained to manage most children with asthma.  We will help diagnose and manage asthma as well as provide the education to manage your child at home day to day.  Sometimes frequent visits are required to perfect the management as every child is unique.

Camp and Sports Physicals

Oak Cliff Pediatrics is able  to perform with your child’s sports and camp physicals each year. We fill out the paperwork during the visit so your child is ready to PLAY! Click here for forms.

Forms for sports physicals, camp physicals, school forms, and ADHD forms are available to download.

Mental Health Services

As mental health services are needed more and more in the last few years, we are excited to have counselors here on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Please reach out to the counselors directly to schedule an appointment.

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